KFOR TV Visit Capitol Hill Florist on busy day before Valentine’s Day


KFOR TV arrived early at the shop on Friday to let everyone see the “organized chaos” that goes with delivering almost 700 arrangements that are fresh and on time in one day!  They discussed the amount consumers spend individually and the estimated total spent each year.

Watch our video to see the bouquets and even a delivery from one Valentine to another!

Just dial F-L-O-W-E-R-S to order!

Ten People Who Need Holiday Flowers


Winter Kisses Bouquet

We know this season is the busiest ever for most of us.  But take a moment to imagine including one or two of these people in your holiday gift giving.  And by gift giving, we mean beautiful Christmas bouquets, lush poinsettias or indulgent gourmet gift baskets from your favorite florist!

  1. Parents or Grandparents.  They may not make it to your house.  Or you may not make it to theirs exactly on December 25th this year.   Make sure they know they are still a priority in your heart.
  2. Spouse, Significant Other or Betrothed.  Warm up the fires of love with red roses or snacks.  Sometimes getting flowers at the office just makes the season happier.
  3. Best Friends.  We don’t always have time to do lunch dates at the end of the year.  Send a bouquet and maybe you can be forgiven for not having time until January.
  4. Close Relatives.  Families get bigger the older we get.  And people move across the country and we start to lose touch.  Reach out and remember your connections and history.
  5. Business Associates.  Sometimes it’s not easy to figure out what to get a boss or co-worker.  If you have a whole team, gift baskets are always a big hit during the holidays.
  6. Teachers and Child Care Workers.  Appreciate the people who probably spend more time with your children than you do some days.  Educators can be valuable treasures.
  7. Medical Staff.  If you have a loved one in the hospital or a nursing home this holiday, remember to share the holiday spirit with those who must work on Christmas Day.
  8. Service People.  Fire stations, EMS, police & even soldiers in other countries.  The list is endless.  Anyone working to protect you and your loved ones would love to be remembered.
  9. Church Leaders & Congregation.  Give back to your church family, too!
  10. You.  Yes, even you.

Flowers are joy-bringers.  So deck the halls and join the chorus!

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How the Weather Will Make Valentine’s Day Great!

Keeping the flowers fresh!

Keeping the flowers fresh!

photo 1 photo 2Check out how the weather will make this Valentine’s Day Great!

We expect sales to increase as the weather warms up. One of our biggest challenges at Valentine’s Day is doing about a month’s worth of deliveries on one day — Valentine’s Day.

The weather makes a big difference in how and when orders can be delivered. With this recent cold weather we have had to wrap all of the deliveries to protect them from the cold.

The good news is warmer weather is coming! Capitol Hill Florist is ready for what should be record sales.  With 14 vans running on Feb 13 and 14 we anticipate making at least 1500 deliveries this Valentine’s Day.

Call for your hand-arranged, hand-delivered bouquets at 1-800-526-4852 or order online at www.capitolhillflorist.com.

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Valentine’s Day is Almost Here!

Capitol Hill Florist Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day from Capitol Hill Florist

Flowers, Balloons, Jewelry, Candy……… Dog Collars?  Has Valentine’s Day become too commercialized?

In some respects the holiday may be over stimulated.  Traditionally, what used to be a pretty simple cut and dry “send flowers and be done with it” has grown into an $18+ Billion dollar market.

We’re spending $815 million for Valentine’s gifts for our pets for pete’s sake!

But, maybe it’s better to look at it from another angle.  THE RECIPIENT!

We’re not seeing the receivers of our Valentine gifts complaining.  With women being the primary recipients of Valentine gifts, we find that they welcome the attention of receiving that huge arrangement of flowers, especially when it arrives at the office, where all of their peers can watch in admiration!

It’s that delivery experience that really sets the gift of flowers apart from the rest of the mix.

Fresh FLOWERS hand designed and hand delivered, from your LOCAL florist, with an expression of sentiment attached to convey just the right message of LOVE.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day the recipient’s experience proves that tradition prevails.

But don’t forget the Dog Collar!

Kent Whitnah, Owner, Capitol Hill Florist

Holiday Fun in Oklahoma City

Christmas Eve in Oklahoma City 12/24/2006

The countdown to Christmas has begun!  If you’re looking for something fun to do before the big day, there are a lot of different activities going on in OKC.  Here are a few ideas for things you and your family can do this month.

Drive around and look at Christmas lights.  Many people put up bright displays, and some businesses decorate their entire street.

Go see Santa!  He will be appearing at a number of malls and other businesses in the area.

Go see the Civic Center’s annual production of “The Nutcracker.”

Visit Bricktown and the many different holiday activities they have going on there.

Need some Christmas flowers delivered in Oklahoma City, OK?  Give us a call!

Remington Park Christmas Wreaths!

Remington Park Christmas Wreaths provided by Capitol Hill Florist and Gifts

Remington Park Christmas Wreaths provided by Capitol Hill Florist and Gifts

Capitol Hill Florist just put up the Christmas Wreaths at Reminton Park this weekend!  They need BIG!  Let us know if you need help with yours.  We can help you with the size you you need!

Order your Christmas Flowers Today for your family, your party or your home!

From you Capitol Hill Florist Family!

A Cornucopia of Thanks

Thanksgiving Centerpiece from Capitol Hill Florist Oklahoma City

Thanksgiving Centerpiece from Capitol Hill Florist Oklahoma City

The cornucopia, that horn-shaped woven basket that graces our tables and entry ways during Thanksgiving, was in Greek mythology a magical horn that filled itself with whatever its owner requested.  Now, we embrace this “cornu” horn + “copiae” of plenty as a symbol of abundance and gratitude. And we fill our baskets with the flora, fauna, and fruits in the colors and aromas of the fall season of harvest – reds of roses and cinnamon sticks, yellows and oranges of chrysanthemums and crackling wheat stalks, and pungent and silvery dried eucalyptus and magnolia leaves — that remind us to be grateful and thankful for the food we eat, for the love and friendship we share, for those who find their way, safely, to our table and for those who remain near only in our hearts.

Call or visit our website to order a symbol of your gratitude for your Thanksgiving table today!  We will make something very special for your family.  www.capitolhillflorist.com