Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For The Holidays

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Winter is not only the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be the busiest. Between work and getting ready for the festivities, the pleasure of shopping for gifts can take time that we sometimes don’t have. Using a local florist to help choose great gifts for loved ones is an original idea and saves time. Everyone loves fresh flowers and Christmas greens in their home!

Whether for the traditional or unconventional taste, the holidays bring fresh greens and cheery colors. Candy and giftbaskets can be an easy way to put something together- let your florist do the shopping for you! Have a relative from New York who loves their bagels and smear? Send a basket with bagels, smoked fish, smear, and capers. Want to spoil that sweet toothed person in your life? Send a basket full of chocolates, candy or nuts!

At Capitol Hill Florist in Oklahoma City, OK, we have plenty of last minute Christmas gifts and last minute Christmas flowers. From now until 12/19 only, call us to receive free shipping when you mention this blog! Check out our website at www.capitolhillflorist.com to see what we have available, or easily consult one of our designers to create something unique for that special someone.

Wishing you a warm Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year!

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Bringing Back the Magic of the Holidays

Does the holiday season make you feel like you’re trapped in the magical world of Narnia when it was always winter and never Christmas?  The days leading up to Christmas can seem filled with many things to do and events to organize.  You may start to feel like the magic has gone out of the holidays, leaving nothing but chores.  There are a number of little things about the holiday season, however, that certainly bring back the specialness of the season.

Listening to Christmas songs is always a great way of getting into the holiday season.  You can go with some of the unforgettable classics, or listen to modern carols and remixes. 

Watching traditional holiday specials and movies is another great activity that can put you in the holiday mood.  Gather the whole family, pop some popcorn, and enjoy!  There are usually some new Christmas shows each year, and some TV series do holiday specials. 

Decorating your home can also help put you in the holiday mood.  Get the entire family together to put up the tree.  Kids love hanging their special ornaments, and you’ll enjoy seeing all the family decorations you’ve accumulated over the years.  Plus it can be hard to be down when your home is full of cheery sights.

Enjoying some holiday treats and do some baking is always fun.  There’s nothing like a warm cookie right out of the over!  Eggnog, gingerbread, and some other items are often not easy to find outside of the holiday season, so enjoy them while they’re here. 

Many cities have special events around the holidays, and attending some of these can help put bring back the magic of the holidays.  These events include things like dance and theater productions, parades, and tree lightings.  You can also go skating at an outdoor ice skating rink, drive through huge holiday light displays, and more.  Don’t stay indoors the entire season—get out there and have some fun!

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Holiday Gift Giving Made Easy!

Our holiday motto? Avoid the mall! Send us your list and we’ll take care of it all!

This holiday season, we want to make gift giving and party planning easy for you. Here’s a list of some of the services/products we offer.

  • Gift baskets with the highest quality gourmet items, candy, fruit, coffee, tea, Made In Oklahoma products and more
  • Holiday floral arrangements, poinsettias and decor
  • Your gift of season passes, gift cards and event tickets presented with custom floral arrangements and hand-delivered
  • Free gift consultations to fit any budget
  • Delivery service for gift items purchased at the shop

Call us today for all your holiday gift and decor needs! (405) 634-3368

Why our Flowers Outlast the Rest

We recently tested how our flowers stack up to the competition and the results were pretty amazing. We bought $50 Spring Arrangements from several shops in OKC and took photos of our arrangement with theirs to see which one lasted longer. Ours consistently outlasted the competition, so we asked owner Kent Whitnah the secret to making Capitol Hill Florist’s flowers stay fresh. Here’s what he had to say (and here’s a link to the comparison photos).

1. Our flowers are shipped in climate-controlled trucks. Some local florists rely on FedEx or UPS for the shipment of their flowers. That means their flowers are exposed to extreme temperatures for long periods of time at various airports. Ours are not. This “Cold-Chain-Management” has been proven to be the single most important thing we can do to promote the longevity of life and freshness of our flowers.

2. 90% of our flowers receive their first cut and drink of water here at our shop.  The 1st cut is the most important and we take care to ensure that all of our major bulk-shipments of flowers are cut first under our watchful eye.

3. Our flowers are cut under water in clean tanks. Cutting flowers under water is a technique that’s proven to be beneficial to flowers for their freshness, blossom size, stem stability and longevity of vase life.

4. We use a hydration solution on our roses and other weak-stemmed flowers.  This hydration solution allows the flowers to more readily absorb the water and nutrients in the water. This technique prevents “bent-neck” and makes the stems much more stable.

5. Our state-of-the-art cooler is kept at 35 degrees Fahrenheit.  All of our flowers are stored in our main cooler, which is a spacious 700 square feet.  At 10 feet high, we can store all of our arrangements, deliveries, party work and wedding designs in the cooler until time for delivery.

6. All of our fresh flower arrangements are professionally designed and hand-delivered in a Fresh Flower Food Preservative Solution. This solution gives the flowers extra nutrients that promote blossom size and increase the longevity of the flowers.

7. Our vans have rear air conditioning. Rear air is an expensive option, but we think it is necessary to keep our deliveries as cool as possible while delivering on those hot summer days.

8. Our arrangements are professionally designed and hand-delivered. Never boxed and shipped without a water supply. 

9. Our orders are delivered same-day!  Better than FedEx and UPS, we get your order delivered the same day you place your order.

10. Because of our large volume of business, our flowers are constantly being rotated for beautiful designs and are not stored for long periods of time.  So the flowers you receive are fresh and new, not old and moldy. 


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Thanksgiving Decorating

ThanksgivingIt’s time to start decorating for Thanksgiving!  While you don’t have to go all-out like you might do for Christmas, it’s still important to add a few special decorations for the holiday.  Here are several easy ways of adding to the Thanksgiving atmosphere.

Add fall colors.  Thanksgiving and fall share orange, brown, dark red, and dark yellow, and if you’ve already added some of these colors to your home décor for the fall, then you probably don’t need to add anything.  You can use your fall tablecloth, napkins, and even fall flowers for Thanksgiving.

You can also put out some fall colored candles.  There are a number of different autumn scents that are perfect for Thanksgiving.  You don’t have to light them, of course, but adding a few to your mantle or as a table centerpiece looks very nice.

You don’t necessarily have to buy all of your Thanksgiving decorations.  Take a walk outdoors and collect fall leaves, pine cones, and a few branches.  You can arrange these items on a platter, bowl, or vase as a centerpiece, or your kids can use them to make different art projects.  You can also incorporate them into a Thanksgiving wreath for your front door.

Since a large part of the Thanksgiving holiday revolves around the meal, look at ways you can subtly add to the décor there.  A platter with a border of fall leaves, for example, makes a great serving dish for your turkey.  Glass bowls tinted with fall colors are also great. 

These are just a few different things you can do to add to the atmosphere of your Thanksgiving meal.  Be sure to put your own spin on things, too, and be creative. 

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