Our Main Floral Shop on Western is Being Remodeled!

IMG_0244 IMG_0234Here is the beginning of our remodel work of our main floral shop on Western. We will have a beautiful new store front to match our beautiful, professionally arranged bouquets.

We look forward to unveiling a brand new look!  We just launched a brand new logo and website and can’t wait to show you more!

Check out our new website and order your flowers for Thanksgiving!  www.capitolhillflorist.com

Thanksgiving Traditions to Start

Thanksgiving is coming up!  What kinds of traditions does your family have?  If you don’t really have any, why not start up a few?  It doesn’t take much work at all.  Here are a couple ideas if you can’t think of any traditions to start.

•    Watch the Thanksgiving Day parade before dinner.

•    Pick a traditional dish to make every year.

•    Try a new recipe every year.  You might find new dishes you like!

•    Use items that you got from your parents or that have been in your family for years.

•    Start a Thanksgiving Day game tournament.

•    Discuss things your thankful for.

Let us help make your Thanksgiving special with an arrangement of beautiful Thanksgiving flowers in Oklahoma City, OK.

Thank you Justin for building our great new website!

Capitol Hill Florists gets new website

Thank you Justin for doing such a fantastic job on our new website!

Thank you Justin Garver with Teleflora for your great work on our new website!

Have you seen the new www.CapitolHillFlorist.com website? Check it out now! Justin did a fantastic job!

Features of the new site include:

We have a place to promote special offers front and center on the home page.  You can also find out more about the History of Capitol Hill Florist and the family that has built and managed it since 1932. Learn about our state of the art coolers we use to keep flowers fresh from our store to your door.  See our article Top 10 Reasons our Flowers are Cooler.  We’ve added a News and Blog section to keep our customers informed of happenings with our stores.

The site is super easy to use as you can browse through bouquet ideas or shop by price, shop by occasion or shop by flower. Or you can select Deal of the Day for our daily special offer.  You can choose the occasion, the recipient and your price level and you’re done!

Capitol Hill Florist also specializes in floral themes and arrangements for weddings.  Check out our wedding section to see some of the beautiful weddings we’ve helped create.

Please check out our new site and place your Holiday orders for Thanksgiving as soon as possible to avoid the rush.  As always, your flowers will be professionally hand arranged and hand delivered fresh and on time every time!

Capitol Hill Florist Locations are also on our new website making it easier to find us!

Capitol Hill Florist – Main Shop
5809 South Western Ave
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73109
1-800-526-4852 405-634-3368
Fax: 632-1308

Capitol Hill Florist – Earlywine
11904 South May Ave
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73170

Thank you for your continued business!  We enjoy serving you!

Halloween Party Checklist

Are you getting ready for a Halloween party?  If you are, you’ve probably got the basics covered—costume, decorations, music—but what about food?  If you’ve never thrown a party with snacks and other food, here’s a quick checklist for you.

•    Halloween paper plates, napkins, cups, and plastic forks, spoons, and knives.
•    A Halloween tablecloth for your table.
•    A punch bowl for your blood-red Halloween punch.
•    A few Halloween-themed platters and other serving dishes.
•    Some candy and/or treat bags for your guests.
•    Healthy finger foods.  Remember, not everyone can enjoy sugary sweets, so be sure you’ve got something healthy on hand.
•    Desserts!  Cupcakes are especially popular, as are cookies and other little bite-sized foods.

With this checklist, all that’s left for you to worry about are your decorations.  If you want a spooky centerpiece, we can help.  We’ve got great Halloween flowers in Oklahoma City, OK

Fall Flower Colors Make a Great Decorating Palette

asdfNow that autumn is here, it’s time to change your home décor and color scheme from those bright summer colors to the bold colors of fall!  Because these colors are so bold, a little of them goes a long way, so you can very easily change the entire feel of a room just by making a few small changes in color.

The main colors you’ll use in your fall décor are red, dark orange, and bold but not incredibly bright yellow.  Brown is also usually used in fall colors, although most people don’t use it that much since it’s not a very interesting color to decorate with.  It’s great for a background color, but you want something brighter that will really pop.  You can also bring in some dark green and purple to use as accent colors if you want something that’s a bit different.  Use these colors in combination to create a beautiful autumn theme throughout your home.  Most people go for small changes, though, because fall colors are so strong and bold.

You definitely need to add a few fall flowers to your decorations.  Basically, go with any flowers with shades of red, yellow, and orange.  Sunflowers are a great fall flower, as are dark red and orange roses, marigold, daisies, chrysanthemums, and lilies.

We deliver fall flowers in Oklahoma City, OK, on a daily basis.

Late Summer Flowers

Now that we’re into late summer, you might think that most of your flowerbeds are going to be dull and bare.  Not so.  There are actually a number of different flowers that only bloom in the late summer and early fall.  These flowers are just as incredibly beautiful as those you see in the middle of summer.  Here are just a few of them.

•    Anise Hyssop
•    Autumn Joy Stonecrop
•    Toad Lily
•    Black-eyed Susan
•    Obedient Plant
•    Russian Sage
•    Cardinal Flower
•    Blue Vervain
•    Calico Aster
•    Cleome
•    Evening Primrose
•    Morning glories
•    Mum
•    New England Aster
•    Nodding Burr Marigold
•    Partridge Pea
•    Tickseed Sunflower
•    Small white aster
•    Sweet Everlasting
•    Slender Speedwell
•    White Vervain

We’ve got a number of bouquets that use these amazing flowers.  Order some late summer flower arrangements in Oklahoma City, OK, today!

The Importance of Ordering with YOUR LOCAL Florist for Valentine’s Day

Importance of ordering with YOUR LOCAL florist for Valentine’s Day