Thanksgiving Decorating

ThanksgivingIt’s time to start decorating for Thanksgiving!  While you don’t have to go all-out like you might do for Christmas, it’s still important to add a few special decorations for the holiday.  Here are several easy ways of adding to the Thanksgiving atmosphere.

Add fall colors.  Thanksgiving and fall share orange, brown, dark red, and dark yellow, and if you’ve already added some of these colors to your home décor for the fall, then you probably don’t need to add anything.  You can use your fall tablecloth, napkins, and even fall flowers for Thanksgiving.

You can also put out some fall colored candles.  There are a number of different autumn scents that are perfect for Thanksgiving.  You don’t have to light them, of course, but adding a few to your mantle or as a table centerpiece looks very nice.

You don’t necessarily have to buy all of your Thanksgiving decorations.  Take a walk outdoors and collect fall leaves, pine cones, and a few branches.  You can arrange these items on a platter, bowl, or vase as a centerpiece, or your kids can use them to make different art projects.  You can also incorporate them into a Thanksgiving wreath for your front door.

Since a large part of the Thanksgiving holiday revolves around the meal, look at ways you can subtly add to the décor there.  A platter with a border of fall leaves, for example, makes a great serving dish for your turkey.  Glass bowls tinted with fall colors are also great. 

These are just a few different things you can do to add to the atmosphere of your Thanksgiving meal.  Be sure to put your own spin on things, too, and be creative. 

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