KFOR TV Visit Capitol Hill Florist on busy day before Valentine’s Day


KFOR TV arrived early at the shop on Friday to let everyone see the “organized chaos” that goes with delivering almost 700 arrangements that are fresh and on time in one day!  They discussed the amount consumers spend individually and the estimated total spent each year.

Watch our video to see the bouquets and even a delivery from one Valentine to another!

Just dial F-L-O-W-E-R-S to order!

Valentine's Day Roses

Capitol Hill Florist Still Taking Valentine’s Orders for Roses with Friday Delivery

OKLAHOMA CITY — Capitol Hill Florist is still accepting Valentine’s Day orders for Roses with Friday delivery.  Local customers can just dial “FLOWERS” to order. “We are expecting the biggest Valentine’s Day in our history this year,” said Kent Whitnah, Owner of Capitol Hill Florist. “We have 15 vans ready to roll and we are projecting 600+ deliveries that day which is about 10+ times our daily average.”

All of Capitol Hill Florist’s arrangements are professionally hand designed and personally hand delivered.  Capitol Hill Florist believes in investing in new technology such as the addition of its 7,000-cubic foot state-of-the-art walk-in cooler that enables them to provide the freshest flowers in town.

Capitol Hill Florist and Gifts – Founded in 1932, Capitol Hill Florist and Gifts provides same day delivery of the freshest floral arrangements and unique gifts with two locations serving the Oklahoma City metro area. Orders are professionally hand-arranged and hand-delivered and can be placed nationwide at 1-800-526-4852 or online at www.capitolhillflorist.com.

To Order Locally Dial “F-L-O-W-E-R-S”!

How the Weather Will Make Valentine’s Day Great!

Keeping the flowers fresh!

Keeping the flowers fresh!

photo 1 photo 2Check out how the weather will make this Valentine’s Day Great!

We expect sales to increase as the weather warms up. One of our biggest challenges at Valentine’s Day is doing about a month’s worth of deliveries on one day — Valentine’s Day.

The weather makes a big difference in how and when orders can be delivered. With this recent cold weather we have had to wrap all of the deliveries to protect them from the cold.

The good news is warmer weather is coming! Capitol Hill Florist is ready for what should be record sales.  With 14 vans running on Feb 13 and 14 we anticipate making at least 1500 deliveries this Valentine’s Day.

Call for your hand-arranged, hand-delivered bouquets at 1-800-526-4852 or order online at www.capitolhillflorist.com.

Click here for the History of Capitol Hill Florist:

The Importance of Ordering with YOUR LOCAL Florist for Valentine’s Day

Importance of ordering with YOUR LOCAL florist for Valentine’s Day

Valentine Flowers in Oklahoma City

Capitol Hill Florist- Since 1932: always hand-arranged and hand-delivered!

It’s never to early to get Valentine’s ideas and orders in! We have 2 locations serving the OKC Metro area! Our experienced staff is here to help with any questions and suggestions to help make your gift exceptional! We have a large selection of fresh flowers, candy bouquets, stuffed animals, and boxed chocolates! One stop shop! Our Earlywine location also has an extensive gift line available, so get in the store to check out some unique items!

Capitol Hill Florist-

5809 S. Western Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73109 (405) 634-3368

Earlywine Location-

11904 S. May Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73170  (405) 692-0369



Capitol Hill Florist has one of the longest floral legacies in the state…Since 1932 we have been committed to providing nothing but the freshest flowers that are top quality to ensure your floral gift not only looks wonderful when you recieve it, but also lasts!

Thank you to our friends, family and amazing customers that have made 2012 a wonderful year! We are looking forward to 2013!

Top Ten Reasons: Why We’re Cooler

1.       Our flowers are shipped in climate-controlled trucks. –Some local florist rely on FedEx or UPS for the shipment of their flowers, which means that their flowers are exposed to extreme temperatures for long periods of time at various airports. Ours are not. This cold-chain management has been proven to be the single most important thing we can do to maintain the longevity of life and freshness of our flowers.

2.       90% of our flowers receive their first cut and drink of water here at our shop. The first cut is the most important and we take care to ensure that all of our major bulk shipments of flowers are cut first under our watchful eye.

3.       Our flowers are cut underwater in clean tanks. Cutting flowers under water is a unique technique that’s been beneficial to flowers for their freshness, blossom size, stem stability and longevity of vase life.

4.       We use hydration solution on our roses and other weak-stemmed flowers. This hydration solution allows the flowers to more readily absorb the water and nutrients in the water. This technique prevents “bent neck” and makes the stems much more stable.

5.       Our flowers are stored in our state-of-the-art 7,000 cubic foot cooler kept at a perfect 35 degrees. Our spacious cooler is 10 feet high, so we can store all of our arrangements, deliveries, party work and wedding designs in the cooler until time for delivery.


6.       All of our fresh flower arrangements are professionally designed and hand delivered in a fresh flower food preservative solution. This solution gives the flowers extra nutrients that promotes blossom size and increases the longevity of the flowers.

7.       Our vans have rear air-conditioning. This is an expensive option, but we think it is necessary to keep our deliveries as cool as possible while delivering on those hot summer days.

8.       All arrangements are professionally designed and hand delivered. Never boxed and shipped without a water supply.

9.       Our orders are delivered same day! Better than FedEx and UPS, we get your order delivered the same day you place your order.

10.   Because of our large volume of business, our flowers are constantly being rotated for beautiful designs and are not stored for long periods of time. The flowers you receive are fresh and new, not old and moldy.


Capitol Hill Florist Celebrating Over 80 years!

Capitol Hill Florist celebrating over 80 years!

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