Fall Flower Colors Make a Great Decorating Palette

asdfNow that autumn is here, it’s time to change your home décor and color scheme from those bright summer colors to the bold colors of fall!  Because these colors are so bold, a little of them goes a long way, so you can very easily change the entire feel of a room just by making a few small changes in color.

The main colors you’ll use in your fall décor are red, dark orange, and bold but not incredibly bright yellow.  Brown is also usually used in fall colors, although most people don’t use it that much since it’s not a very interesting color to decorate with.  It’s great for a background color, but you want something brighter that will really pop.  You can also bring in some dark green and purple to use as accent colors if you want something that’s a bit different.  Use these colors in combination to create a beautiful autumn theme throughout your home.  Most people go for small changes, though, because fall colors are so strong and bold.

You definitely need to add a few fall flowers to your decorations.  Basically, go with any flowers with shades of red, yellow, and orange.  Sunflowers are a great fall flower, as are dark red and orange roses, marigold, daisies, chrysanthemums, and lilies.

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