Late Summer Flowers

Now that we’re into late summer, you might think that most of your flowerbeds are going to be dull and bare.  Not so.  There are actually a number of different flowers that only bloom in the late summer and early fall.  These flowers are just as incredibly beautiful as those you see in the middle of summer.  Here are just a few of them.

•    Anise Hyssop
•    Autumn Joy Stonecrop
•    Toad Lily
•    Black-eyed Susan
•    Obedient Plant
•    Russian Sage
•    Cardinal Flower
•    Blue Vervain
•    Calico Aster
•    Cleome
•    Evening Primrose
•    Morning glories
•    Mum
•    New England Aster
•    Nodding Burr Marigold
•    Partridge Pea
•    Tickseed Sunflower
•    Small white aster
•    Sweet Everlasting
•    Slender Speedwell
•    White Vervain

We’ve got a number of bouquets that use these amazing flowers.  Order some late summer flower arrangements in Oklahoma City, OK, today!